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What we do

LINGO LANGUAGE SCHOOL is a specialised centre in the teaching and assistance of different languages.

Our service is varied and flexible catering to the needs of those who wish to learn or perfect a second language.

Quality and continuous self improvement is how we like to work. All our teachers are native with teaching experience and our methods together with the interaction of the students in small groups provide the ideal environment to learn and improve a language.

Annual courses in Spanish, French and English for foreigners from September to June with a specific programme, dynamic activities, evaluation and flexible timetable enabling students to learn a language at their own pace without any rush but continuously. We teach from the age of 3 to adult.

We also offer the possibility of personalised classes at home. The duration depends on your needs. Catered specifically for you and without having to leave your house.

Specific courses. B1, B2 y C1 Spanish for foreigners, French and English. The course duration is specific to the exam that you wish take in accordance with the European framework.

Courses for Business Professionals. For professionals who wish to live and work in another country, and need to learn the language specifically for their area of work.

Translation and Interpretation. We have a wide range of experience in translation and offer this service to companies and individuals who need documents, CV’s, news articles, etc. to be translated. We take great care that the translation is of a high quality. We offer a wide range of languages such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese and Russian. We also have certified translators when required.

Assistance for Foreigners. We offer help to those people who do not speak Spanish to do administrative, health and legal tasks. Our employees can accompany you and help you with red tape and paperwork…and all other tasks that are tedious and difficult to carry out in another language.

Immersions and Summer Camps. During the year we offer language immersion courses in Spanish, French and English with our native teachers. 24 hours immersed in a chosen language.  Parallel activities and intensive classes. A fantastic opportunity to meet new people, learn at a faster pace and test your knowledge in a foreign language.

Cultural Activities. Throughout the course of the year, we organise cultural and leisure activities for our students.

Language Exchanges. Every week on a specific day we organise a language exchange where our students and anyone else who would like to join us can practice a couple of hours of Spanish, French or English, free of charge. Many interesting and fun conversations arise with a few drinks. It is a fantastic opportunity to practice a second language and get to know new people.

At LINGO LANGUAGE SCHOOL our main objective is for our students to be fully satisfied in learning a language. We are always looking for higher standards and improving our methods.