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Spanish Classes


Learn the fun way!


Infant & Primary School Education:

At LINGO KIDS we offer Spanish lessons for non-native children from the age of three. Children can learn Spanish in fun, enjoyable conversation classes in which an optimum use of computers and multimedia with lots of games, songs, files, videos, etc.

The objective is that children acquire learn the language in a natural, spontaneous way.


Secondary School Education:

At LINGO TEENS adolescents also have the opportunity to attend Spanish conversation classes, as well as revision and remedial classes where they can prepare themselves for exams and tests in their respective academic courses or revise secondary school coursework.


Spanish adult classes also feature conversation lessons with three different levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. In these classes Spanish is taught in a fun, enjoyable way with discussions, reading, audio and video exercises, games, etc.

Special Spanish preparation classes are offered for qualifications such as the six levels of DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) by Instituto Cervantes, the Access Course to Spanish Open University (UNED) for Spanish or the Elemental and Upper Courses at the Official Language School.

We also offer Spanish adult classes for those who want to work in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries.